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Packaging Automation

Our packaging automation offering serves medium and large enterprises with cutting-edge robotics and automation technologies that enable businesses to eliminate labour-intensive tasks that involve repetitive physical work and manual data entry and analysis.

Our primary aim is to equip businesses with the tools they need to reach the highest levels of efficiency, while ensuring superior accuracy and security throughout every business cycle, from source to consumption.

What we offer

  • Cutting edge servo driven carton erecting solutions: Whether packing single or multiple items, same or different items into the same box.
  • We service packing environments for Fast Moving Consumer Goods, as well as bespoke orders in e-commerce and specialized environments.
  • Both personalised and generic packaging.
  • Packaging into carton, paper bags, shipping envelopes or bubble wrap.
  • Semi- or fully-automated solutions, tailored to available budgets and workflow requirements.
  • Optimisation of available transportation space by packaging into bespoke cartons made on demand to the size of the items that are contained within.


Economical: Reduce or eliminate the need for gap filling material.

Save time: Our solutions allow for the quickest changeovers in the industry.

Optimise floor space, so less space is required to store inventory.

Save space: Small footprint palletisers seamlessly fit into your line.

Competitive advantage: Because off-the-shelf automation solutions may not be right for your unique product, we combine our automation expertise with your product process knowledge to devise the solution right for you.

Quick return on investment.

High operating efficiency

Boxing Solutions:

CMC Cartonwrap
Wrapping solutions

The revolution in Packaging and Fulfilment Carton/box wrapping: With the Internet connecting the digital world to the physical one, e-commerce continues to drive the delivery of parcels. At the same time, the demand for packaging to be optimised to reduce shipping costs is burgeoning.

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CMC Cartonpack
Packing Solution

A new technology developed by CMC to answer the increasing demand of B2B and B2C companies to dynamically pack multiple items.

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CMC Easybox
EasyBox by CMC is a 3D box-on-demand solution that drastically reduces packaging material waste and optimises shipping volumes. An entry level automation for B2B, B2C, mail order, subscriptions boxes and flash sales, EasyBox allows you to move from manual to semi-automated packaging, with minimal upfront investment.

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CMC Packvertizing
CMC Packvertizing

The capability to produce different sized packages with variable personalized messages and images dynamically, using client’s databases or unique barcodes.

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AFA Systems – Tray and
Carton formers
Carton former

Tray Formers and Carton Formers are essential machines for your production line. AFA Systems’ tray formers and carton formers are robust machines that produce strong and square trays and cartons that help increase customer satisfaction and reduce line downtime.

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AFA Systems – Case Erectors and Sealers
Case Erector

Case erectors and sealers are typically used in conjection of an end load or top load case packer. A case erector and sealer will erect a case and then either glue, tuck or tape the bottom. 


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AFA Systems Cartoners



Whether you’re looking for horizontal cartoners, vertical cartoners, or sleevers, we can customize each machine to your specifications.


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CMC Genesys
CMC Genesys

CMC Genesys the only auto-packer that can be directly connected to a warehouse storage through the CMC Patented Vary-Tote system. Orders are automatically picked and consolidated in the CMC VaryTote which is directly conveyed to the Genesys auto packing system

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Material Wrapping Solutions

CMC Paper Pro
Paper Pro

CMC Paper-PRO combines the unrivalled CMC wrapping technology with the latest high-speed packaging and e-commerce requirements.  

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CMC Smart Mailer
Smart Mailer

The CMC Smart Mailer is a compact continuous motion inserter which allows running a wide range of products in rigid mailers or padded envelopes.

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CMC Bubblewrapper
Bubble wrapper

CMC BubbleWrapper combines the unrivalled CMC wrapping technology with the latest e-commerce fulfilment techniques.  

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AC-RPA – FIFO Product Accumulator
Product accumulator FIFO

The AC-RPA – FIFO Product Accumulator accumulates product on a first in first out manner. This process allows the production line to maintain its manufacturing orientation, which enables effective quality control. The accumulator can be custom designed to fit with your unique application.

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AC-VPA – FILO Product Accumulator
Product accumulator

The AC-VPA – FILO Product Accumulator can accumulate a large volume of cartons or other product so operators can diagnose downstream machine faults and still have upstream machinery in production. The system features Allen Bradley controls and servos. 

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AC-HPA – Horizontal Product Accumulator
Product accumulator

The AC-HPA – Horizontal Product Accumulator acts like a conveyor dispensing product in the same order as it receives it. The accumulator balances two systems that operate at different efficiencies. The system can also act as a buffer in the event downstream equipment goes down.

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RF-RCE – Reciprocating Motion Carton Erector
Carton Erector

The RF-RCE – Reciprocating Motion Carton Erector can seamlessly integrate into production lines to provide simple carton erection for auto-bottom cartons. The system provides a small footprint to integrate into your production line seamlessly. 

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