Volumetric and 3D Weighing Scales

Volumetric and 3D Weighing Scales

Volumetric Scale

Volumetric and 3D Weighing Scales

Volumetric and 3D Weighing Scales

Because almost every e-commerce order being different, the variations in billing costs due to dimensional weight become extremely difficult to predict without time-consuming measurements and weight calculations.

Our state-of-the-art dimensioning & weighing equipment can provide an instant determination of gross and dimensional weight. With the press of a key, shippers can determine dimensional weight based on different DIM Factors used by different carriers.


Improved accuracy of shipping costs: Without dimension and weight information, it is difficult to know whether or not customers are being charged appropriately.

Improved cartonisation: Box sizes can be determined at packing stations through cartonisation functions in the WMS, rather than relying on an individual to pick the best box size.

Future capacity planning: Whether you are reorganising existing space, or planning to move to a new facility, dimensioned inventory greatly assists future warehouse capacity planning.

Improved slotting:
By knowing the cubic measurements and dimensions of a stock location, the slotting system will be able to recommend where to slot the item in the best location.

Truck freight planning: Establishing exact measurements allows you to plan quickly and accurately for the transport of goods.


Express Cube 165R
Dimensioning and weighing scale

The Express Cube 165R is a low cost dimensioning and weighing system geared to meet moderate volume applications.

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Express Cube 265R
Dimensioning and weighing

The ExpressCube 265R was just recently launched as our newest countertop dimensioning and weighing unit, with an expanded dimensional measuring capability over the ExpressCube 165R.

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Express Cube 480R
Dimentioning and wighing equipment

The ExpressCube 480R is a fast conveyor dimensioning unit that can individually scan*, dimension and weigh packages quickly and easily (controller is optional).

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Express Cube Controller
Dimensioning and weighing controller

The ExpressCube Controller is a durable control box that is compatible with the ExpressCube Countertop dimensioning and weighing devices.

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Express Cube SizeIt ll Software

Use Sizelt II software running on a local PC to control and save readings of the ExpressCube countertop unit through the USB port.

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Bedal, manufactured by ParcelKiosk, is a self-service shipping terminal that helps users calculate the exact chargeable dimensions of a package.

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